You took a trip when you got married, take a trip to get divorced!
3 day "immersion mediation", On a cruise, at a resort destination, or by video conference!

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A Radical NEW Concept!

Mediation has been a required process in Florida for more than 20 years for many different types of legal cases. What we are doing to assist you in the divorce process is just as good as a LOT of mediators near you. WHERE we do it is a radical change from what you first expect! There are most likely 50 mediators within 100 miles of your location that can mediate between you and your spouse and can help you "resolve" the issues that are holding you up from the final divorce proceeding. BUT, would you rather do that process in some boring office in some boring office park downtown with multiple trips and multiple sessions, with the expense (don't even get me started about the cost of having attorneys involved) or the distractions of everyday life... 


Would you like to go through the EXACT same process in a low stress, very productive, hyper-focused, short few days while enjoying yourself in the beautiful BAHAMAS, at a Florida resort destination, or even in your PJs by video conference? That's right, you board the ship on Friday in Florida, and by Sunday night (cruiseship arrives 8am Monday morning back in port) we will have facilitated as many issues between you and your spouse as you agree to, then have the agreement signed and notarized ready to be filed with the court once you get back home. We can meet by the pool, we meet on the aft deck, we meet in private meeting rooms, we can even meet on the beach in the Bahamas. We plan both joint & individual sessions to talk, understand the issues causing conflict, and help you work out solutions to an amicable resolution. It is the same process at a resort destination, or by video conference. Start the process on Friday, done by Sunday night for one flat fee.

So many people have horrible stories about their divorce, fighting, stress, stealing, violence, and EXPENSIVE... make yours one that is cost efficient, time efficient, with low stress, in a process that you can walk away from feeling that you got the best "deal" that you could possibly get, because YOU were in charge of that "process"!

The point is, you took a trip when you got married, why not work out your issues in a low stress, totally immersive, relaxing environment, where you have plenty of time to think, negotiate, and resolve the issues that are keeping you from moving on with your life.  Contact us  with questions that you have or to get further details and check the availability of our calendar.

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